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Web E-Commerce

We are dedicated to offering solutions that help you gain the maximum effects from your online presence and increase your business sales with programs such as ECommerce Website Design.

At Aquarius, we have helped many of our clients with their business needs.  Whether you are a entrepreneur with 1 product or a large business with 1,000s, we can help create a custom solution that will meet all your needs.  We work closely with your team on the overall look and feel of your website, as well as the functionality of your backend.  Our goal is to make it easy to add and remove products, as well as make it easy to find for your visitors.

A typical e-commerce solution can include the following components:

  • An online catalog that lists the products/services you are selling as well as pricing, descriptions and more.
  • A online shopping cart that display a variety of items and allows the visitor to go through the payment process
  • Donation websites – accepting donations for a cause
  • Membership website – allowing users to register online and become a “member” of website — allowing access to a variety of areas
  • And many more…

Ecommerce Website Design

We understand that Ecommerce website design must include search engine friendly elements as you want to make sure that your product and category pages show up in the search results when users type in related queries in search engines. The goal of E-Commerce is to give the user every motivation to stay and make their purchase at your online store.

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