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How to Promote Your Business with Local Listings

Right this moment, prospective customers are searching online for your business. Will you be there to make the connection? Optimizing your local marketing listings is a great way to bring new customers right to your business’ website. How? Here are some tips that every Internet marketing firm knows, and now, you can harness for big […]

Increase Website Traffic with Visual Content

Have you ever pinned an interesting infographic on your Pinterest page? Do you often share funny memes on Facebook? Has a YouTube video caused you to laugh out loud? If you’re like most of the population, you’ve done all three. That’s because on the Internet, visual content is king. Why? Ninety percent of information transmitted […]

10 Steps a Local Business Can Take Today to Improve Search Engine Ranking

These days, it’s easy to create a website for a relatively low cost. That means all businesses, from startups to well-established organizations, are up against an ever-increasing amount of competitors when selling products and services online. This crowded marketplace combined with search engines pushing organic search results farther down the page makes it tough for […]

Capture Customers with Great Reviews

Let’s face it. No matter what type of business you’re in, people head to the Internet to find you. Whether you’re a jeweler, sports good store or an architect, people are looking for you on the net, and they’re probably looking for reviews, too. Google has mastered the search territory, but there are other places […]

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

As we all know 2013 was the year social media officially made its mark. It seems more and more clients we come across are already using social media in their marketing, BUT are they using it correctly?   For our clients, it is a daily job to stay on top of what is working, make […]

Using YouTube for Business

On the Internet these days, video is king. Statistics show that by the year 2014, 90 percent of all Web traffic will be video based. Just ask YouTube. With more than 1 billion unique monthly users, YouTube is the second-most popular online search engine. With such an active user base, YouTube has given quite a […]

The Benefits of LinkedIn for Companies

Social media has introduced new and exciting marketing opportunities for companies of all sizes. Business owners can no longer ignore the far-reaching benefits of social networking, which is why you’ve probably noticed that most of them already have Facebook and Twitter pages. If you’re a company owner looking to grow your business, there’s one social […]

Why You Should be Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is much more than a social media network. An increasing number of businesses large and small are leveraging the platform to reach new audiences, drive traffic to their websites, and generate leads or sales. And guess what? It’s working! As any social media marketing company would tell you, using Pinterest for business is a […]

The Latest and Greatest Online Marketing Tools

For successful businesses, marketing is all about seizing opportunities. It’s a chance to roll out attention-grabbing campaigns and find new ways to engage customers.  More than ever, it’s also about staying on top of technology developments and trends.  And of course, these days it’s all about online marketing. With opportunities to market on the Internet, […]

Have you Launched Your Pinterest Business Account?

Blogs. Facebook. Twitter.  Social media has changed the way we communicate and connect. The digital world has become a central place to grow our businesses, build our brands and develop relationships.  It’s given us wide-open channel for conversation and collaboration that can occur anytime, anywhere. One social site that has captured the attention of the […]